Updated~Two Week Notice~yeah already~—

Dear God up above I can still feel your love…. but I’m sorry to say I must leave go away~ you called me a light worker, I can only do so much never ever figured out what is the human touch.

You blessed me with human a beautiful baby boy. I’m entrusting you to him, he is a child and yet my sin~when I try to write my book I don’t even know where to begin my life was fast like a whirlwind…and pieces scattered about and within

It’s all like a puzzle that was left in a closet hidden away, no one notice nor knew what to say

Laying by the devils side it isn’t hard to decide, he is the God of this world I now see, and I figured out the exit for me…. for any who look and choose to see, my mission complete~

So just give two weeks notice and keep the memories they serve no purpose when I’m gone. My words will live on and on. I planted seeds along the way, somehow though was led astray. So here I am Lord here I lay so I request an early judgement day.

I would do the same for my son, I would love him no matter what he may have done.

I ask in return you bless his life free of worry grief strife…. to live to laugh to love to know I can still see him from far above.

I laid by the devils side for over half my life it caused me to much pain to much strife and as a human being I’m sick of this life… I quit. Well I’m giving my two week notice as any good employee of a universal truth I must say I did enjoy my youth….. sometimes…. it reminded me I wasn’t meant for here, I was wild free and truly fierce scared of NOTHING!!!! Not even death. I couldn’t wait to take a last breath… but I endured and at times I laughed

But often rejected due to class, stereotypes, and bullshit in general full circle around but this time my Lord I leave this playground~ two weeks notice not to long to go and when I get where I’m Going please don’t say “I told you so” see ya soon!

Probably by noon

9 thoughts on “Updated~Two Week Notice~yeah already~—

  1. Are you okay? Please reply back. This sounds too familiar to something I did about five months ago. Please comment back. I pray you are okay. I am here if you want to talk. I understand your words as I have been there many times. Please get in touch with me. Please let me now you are okay.


      • Please don’t give your two week notice. I am here to listen if you want to. I was exactly in the same place many times but the last time was five months ago and I am beyond happy to be alive.


    • So for now it’s a two week notice…. it could change I suppose I’ll see. Thank you for your concern at least you understand and reached out. Please if you know anything don’t read into it too much…. rabbit holes are everywhere

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      • Okay. Just wanted to make sure it was two weeks. I know how the thoughts can change in a minute or a day. So, I pray you will fight tonight and tomorrow you will feel so much better. I reblogged your post. I hope that is okay. Then maybe others can give you love, support and more words of encouragement. Just a little side note… your post was written well and I know that pain too well. I am praying for you. You can always leave me an email if you want to ge tin touch or need to just vent to someone. We are all here together This blogging community helped me so much after my suicide attempt five months ago. Please do not do what I did. I am praying for you and please know I love you. We are all in this together. Much love and hugs, Sue


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