It is one thing to forgive, another to forget. Even more to forgive and forget and see actions of change needed yet never fulfilled. The important thing is not allowing it to happen again. Allowing the same actions to take place in ones life is complete stupidity and utter foolishness

Furthermore Beware of Charlatans and modern day glamour Christians who preach the gospel. Jesus’s didn’t need millions in his bank account and the finest of clothes, cars, and acquaintance. No, He dined with the homeless and was friends of those with less. In modern times a true Jesus would be in the ghetto not a multimillion dollar church. Beware even the bible speaks of those who shall rise and claim Christianity. False prophets who barely speak of tribulations and only of prosperity.

Divorce is as marriage two people unified or grown far apart. one goes this way the other that way, either way it took two.
1 and 1 make 2, there is no better half.