Central Florida

Bio: Aspiring writer, Proud Mother of the worlds greatest Son who is Type 1 Diabetic and has Aspergers, Survivor, a bit broken, Working on restoration through prayer and faith. PTSD, Bipolar type 1 Speaker/Educator for Mental Illness. Check my other blog at Quora http://qr.ae/hWb5H, "Moments of Clarity" With Tiffany Werhner LMHCmocwithtiffany.com for further contact email me at nicolemoncada@gmail.com

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  1. I wonder if one must be broken to ever be unbroken? Or, maybe everybody has cracks but those of us broken see the cracks while we try to fix? or, actually, maybe I’m just full of shit and should leave the issue to professionals. Wheat I do know – is I’m a little broken – anyone like you who admits to being a little broken – may not be as broken as those I now who only show me perfection.

    I’ll shut up – I like you and your blog – that’s my point

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    • I’m completely broken and bare all my scars mug shots of jail times I been baker acted against Will which is 4 times you must be reading someone elder blog I let all hang out I feel much better for it however that goes letting it helps to aid in broken heart and soul. Have beautiful day! Stay blessed


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