~How My Love?

How did you come to beYou and your thoughts are important to me~

How did you break through

I’m a tough shell to crack

Yet you disarm me

Do you understand?
I often await the weight of your words, I put them into my pockets in case I forget

Language barriers soon will breakdown

You are my king it is you I crown~
How did you walk into my path?

Or did I walk into yours?

Perhaps that is all perception

Yet there are so so many roads to walk

Praise God ours met, we are both something we will never forget~

How did your relevance take precedence in my life?

It all slowly creeped and seeped in….. my friend, my Love, my jewel……
Can you be close to me and yet without fear? I harbor darkness within my light. The polarity of Day and night.~

I feel inside As God leads each step down the path to ground my soul and pray this love last.~
So my Darling, my heart my soul let what was before us,be gone

May our eyes look toward each moment ahead

May our past be dead!
Together new life new eyes to see

And together forever I pray we will be~

Not for Reproduction~