~How My Love?

How did you come to beYou and your thoughts are important to me~

How did you break through

I’m a tough shell to crack

Yet you disarm me

Do you understand?
I often await the weight of your words, I put them into my pockets in case I forget

Language barriers soon will breakdown 

You are my king it is you I crown~
How did you walk into my path?

Or did I walk into yours?

Perhaps that is all perception

Yet there are so so many roads to walk

Praise God ours met, we are both something we will never forget~

How did your relevance take precedence in my life?

It all slowly creeped and seeped in….. my friend, my Love, my jewel……
Can you be close to me and yet without fear? I harbor darkness within my light. The polarity of Day and night.~

I feel inside As God leads each step down the path to ground my soul and pray this love last.~
So my Darling, my heart my soul let what was before us,be gone 

May our eyes look toward each moment ahead

May our past be dead!
Together new life new eyes to see 

And together forever I pray we will be~

Not for Reproduction~


Wagging tongues slippery truth
Blah blah

What did you say

Oh I see it’s gossip again 

Smile in your face

You’re my best friend

Lol right

Not when out of sight

Tongues wagging 

Slippery truth

Claiming the innocence 

Of your truth

Me oh my how we lie

Talk all for naught 

Don’t come to me and try to speak

Your mind your words are too damn weak…

Women oh Woman

When shall we learn

Stop wagging your tongues

Speaking such things cause

A mess

Oh my dear is that a new dress?

It’s fabulous, not really

So why not speak truth

Oh the slippery truth

Like a well worn ornament 

Purchased at a five and dime

It’s never stopped gossip at any time

Fickle ass creature women we are

Think we so perfect a bright shining star

Then you wag your damn tongue

With slippery truth 

Hurry have you heard?

She lost her mind!

A mental break

Oh it’s nothing I’m sure

She will be fine

Oh wait did you say what I think 

I’m gonna say this in the nicest way I know….

You don’t know nice

Ignorant fool

Take your belligerent ass back to school

While you are there learn your manners and finesse

By the way I truly do like that dress….. Or …Maybe it could be a bit shorter

Or perhaps it would look better on me, Oh shut up woman can’t you damn well see?

Stop wagging that tongue on slippery truth~

It so uncouth~ 

Unbecoming you see~

Keep your gossip away from me~

I long only to feel free~

From shackles Gossip creates~

The ugly words that inspires hate~

Bullshit of all kind~

Stirring the pot~

Fucking the mind~

Damn why are humans so unkind~

Always hard to reach to strive Be alone and truly survive the slander and crap we all live with each day, only seems more women are this way… why? what is your thoughts, what would you say?

~Bipolar Thoughts~Poetry~NJM~

Words pour out spinning in my mind

Gravity for these thoughts often impossible to find.
Subject to subject whirl in my head
Concentration is gone dead. Interruption easy I’ll spit it out quick, why? Because my thoughts are amazing more important than yours screw all these rules and your feelings too I simply lack a filter….apology not happening well later perhaps after yet more thought
What a price to be reckoned with it must be bought!
Jumping through constellations and flying past stars, the energy I feel could jet me to Mars. Hypomanic confidence seeps right on pass I’m certain if you don’t know me you would think me an ass.
Polarity at its finest as I try to refine, but all these thoughts and these feeling might leave me behind. Cohesive qualities try to keep me in tact but it is what it is this is a fact.
Would it be so horrible to just be this or stay that, well I must tell you I’d feel rather flat. I can never just be this or be that I am what I am a wonderment of confusion, I’ll make you see a flip side, leave you disillusioned.
It’s not that I’m trying to get in your head, see I’m already there you may think not, but I can spit out your words first seep in your mind and the words that escape you somehow I find.

(Excerpt of My Novel) ~Corner of Gibson street and Cypress~Based on actual events~Edited~

She felt her life was always a puzzle piece and the puzzle couldn’t completely be found. Personal wars and scars she endured from early childhood.Her life never yielded a dull moment. The senyse of the bottom dropping out always lived in the back of her mind, but she pressed on and tried to control the feeling that haunted her.

She was excited at the thought of her new home, although it was an older home she would carve it out and make a home for her and her family. The pool was a big selling point, she loved to swim, was always drawn to water. Calmed the storm that seemed to always be slightly to the left of her thoughts, tucked away.
The moment she walked through the front door the house seemed to welcome her, feed on her energy… It was as though the two would be as one. Never did she think about departure……..her having to leave this home,after all she was going to buy it.

Now the house sits quietly never keeping anyone there long. It was her house, but he made her leave.

Parts of her loss haunts the halls of that house… It will forever cry for her return. Forever warning her of the evil intent that lurks across the street.

Years have gone by but for her it feels like yesterday, with the blink of her eye and a deep breath she is back there, a part of her is back there back at the house.

As her eyes remain closed she remembers how it felt ….Jumping effortlessly into the beautiful pool late at night her body completely covered only by the water. Right across the street he watched her,captivated. Intrigued.

Quickly as though a jolt of energy sent shock waves through her body, her eyes blink open to her present reality one that’s never been the same since that house since she met him.
She didn’t have a clue that her life was building up to that moment, a moment that could kill the very essesnse of all the good she had in her, change her forever leaving her a shell of the women she once was.