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Below is a question posed by a user via The Question is “How to explain Bipolar Disorder to someone else?” I did paraphrase by the way, Hope my answer helps,

First What is your angle? Why do you feel the need?

Are you an advocate for the understanding and compassion for those who suffer mental illness?



I ask because you may not want to explain it at all.
What is the purpose? Everyone in one way or another has some form of mental health issue in my opinion.
You feel you need to be understood? We all want to be understood.
Here is how you can explain perhaps how you may feel……. I say this because I feel this way and it’s a great analogy.

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Question Asked Via My Quora Blog About Bipolar Disorder~

Nicole MoncadaNicole MoncadaBachelor’s in Psychology I am Bipolar… 
You are 13 yrs old. So so many times I see many young teens believe they are afflicted with the genetic predisposition of their fathers mothers, brothers, uncles… So forth.
Here is the thing. You’re at an age of change, great change. Your body, hormones, and formidable yrs are around you. Your moods are going to be like night and day. Your moving from adolescence to a teen into adulthood.

I wish more psychologist and medical professions would keep all this in mind when trying to give a definitive diagnosis.

See I’m bipolar 1. If I were to compare it to cancer I would have “terminal incurable worst of them all” cancer.

But was I always bipolar? Hmmm Somewhere there was a trait, both of my parents suffered mental illness. It ran in the family. But the bigger question is”do all family members become affected because the others did?” The answer is No.

Yes your cards have not been kindly dealt to you. However I lived a pretty exciting and successful life after some heavy drug use in my teens, not to mention getting married at age 14. Yes married, no children, not during that marriage.

Here is the deal. Give yourself time to grow up and feel this things out a bit. Granted I’m not a full on psychologist. I do hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology. I also suffer bipolar 1.

My life has been full of ups and downs. You know what? The most impoartnant thing is I land on my feet. I’ve lost it all a few times, gained it back and lost again.

I won’t give up. Never! I advocate for the education of mental health awareness, for the stigma to be broken, and acceptence and compassion to be imparted instead of ignorance most in the society we live in.

Albeit I am not in a position to diagnose. A psychiatrist who would asses you, and properly administer needed medications. Again a psychiatrist, not a psychologist.

A psychologist will work with those who are diagnosed… More of a therapist. A complete psychological exam can also be used and administered by a Dr of Psychologist. These take hours and cost between 400$ to 1200$ dollars here in Florida where I live.

A psychiatrist can make a determination in a 45 minute exam as opposed to a 4 to 6 hour psychological evaluation.

Here is the simple answer. Wait a bit. I went until age 40 before I was diagnosed. I was diagnosed with clinical depression at 29.

The illness changes forms. But once you get the stage I’m in,it’s perminant. Basically all mental illness is permanent. Just remember the degree by which you are affected by it varies from time to time.

In society today we are too quicke to give labels to everything. I think we have to many classifications of illness bipolar being one. It has bipolar 1,2,3 and now a 4 with what supposed to be cyclothymia!

I call bullshit on all of them except 1 and 2.

The others were created for professionals to not feel so bad or afflicted by simply being damn well bipolar! Again this is why I speak out and am not afraid of my illness. I use it to educate. In fact I see it as a blessing more than a curse.

You are going through to much at the age of 13 developmentally. If you really really just feel like you want to kill yourself, or simply just can’t get out of bed at all…. Then head to the doctors.

Otherwise my opinion is you’re just growing up at an age of great change, influence, ideas…. Becoming the adult you want to be and are meant to be. If I were you I’d wait and see…. You may be someone like I was living awhile without full blown symptoms. Having some pretty awesome success and fun times.

Or you could be bipolar. Only way to know, go see you’re doctor and have them refer you to a specialist who is either a psychiatrist or a PHd psychologist.

Only a psychiatrist can prescribe medications for the condition.

I’m gonna leave you with words my psychiatrist recently left me with at my last visit… He said “Nicole, I want you on the least amount of meds possible”… I’ve had 3 full blown manic episodes. Most psychiatrist would insist I take an antipsychotic drug with my mood stabilizer. However I do not. Why? Many reasons. 1 there are huge amounts of side affects in regard to all antipsychotic meds. I’ve gained 35 pounds that I can’t lose and I’ve tried.

I’ve delevoloped metabolic X due to serquel and other antipsychotics. My eyesight is not good either.

It took awhile to find the right doctor/psychiatrist but I did… He is the best!

I only take Lamictal it’s a mood stabilizer.

You’re just too young!
But I can only offer you my experience and advice.

Private message me if you need further answers.

Good luck, God bless, Stay well!


~Please Read if Bipolar and comment if you feel this way, Please~

Am I a poetic tragedy in living form Fumbling around this earth

I’d rather be dead than be a cliche or martyr

Self deprecating is getting worn thin

Problem no courage no action taken

To exit

But instead I live on a roller coaster 

For all the faith and love in the world can’t console me

Yet I know love exist for some 

Enough to sustain

God watches me

But intervention upon Gods part

Is tricky and random

Consistency is needed

Daily lacking

Am I alone?

Isolated by illness

Lacking the love necessary 

I’m sorry I’d just rather die~