~In the Grey~It’s Where I’ll Stay~

I’m in the grey…….
Grey Chasm swallows
I’m in the grey it’s where I’ll stay for now
I will not attempt to move quickly
Nor will I be rushed
Do I fascinate?
Do I invoke fear? Hate?
Perfectly negate?
Am I your guilty pleasure…
Is there no distance yet to measure?
I’ll create my walls
Build my tower strong
Brick by brick no matter how long
Exterior crusted over with
Innuendos and regret
I’m in the grey
I will not be pulled away
In this Chasm I will stay
Until I decide, until that day
You can not reach me… There is no definitive here
No truth or lie
If I want to stay until I die
It’s then a matter of choice
The beauty of my grey instilled in me a voice
Slowly it drips…..spill forth from my lips
Turning my words to black and white
Finally to distinguish which is wrong and which is right
But I shall not take flight oh no, I will move slowly with precision
At the end of the day it’s my decision
For now I’m in the grey area
Safely in my tower, walls erected
While my thoughts become collective
In the grey

6 thoughts on “~In the Grey~It’s Where I’ll Stay~

  1. Don’t feel this piece… Strange feeling of deja vu first time I read it. Read it a few times again trying to establish where it did originate. Perhaps in the absence of grey in my life. The place that I call my own, the place where I can fortify myself and perhaps get ready for whatever is next. For my point of view, you’re lucky. Get stronger and let the right ones in, when you feel ready.

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      • “Don’t feel this piece” meant I was curious how come other people don’t. I know scars and illness in mind. I can relate with self-imposed boundaries and an inner need to lay low and lick your wounds. I know the feeling of loneliness and despair and the hope that one day you could be strong enough to get “out there” again. Hope you are safe and getting stronger, hope that all this sharing gives you a sense of purpose. Thanks for being out there.

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