~So we accept the Presidential outcome, for now……..~

So we must accept the presidential outcome, for now….. 
We are making history. Everyday since Donald Trump was elected there have been protest all across America… holding signs saying “Trump is not my president” Well actually he is, how unfortunate.. right? Yes it is.

In my years on this earth I have lived through racism, LGBT was term coined an acronym so to speak used to support those who are Lesbian,Gay, Bi sexual, Transgender back in early 90’s. We broke some barriers.. SOME being the key word.
Yet still no reform for those who have mental disabilities. Oh well my Bipolar mind will keep going and writing. speaking out Against a president that made fun of a disabled person. I have more knowledge and education in my little pinky than our president elect has in his whole body.Further more I have more Etiquette & Public Relations experience as well. However my disability limits my actions. Say it with me everyone “DISABILITY”.
I was impressed with Obama eight years ago. The fascination is over. However, I can still remember how hopeful I was when Obama got elected. Since then my life has been a yo yo. I’m no longer impressed with him or our nations political process.
I believed we would come together in the human race and allow inclusiveness not elite exclusives. We could come together, truly I believed that.
Politicians set stages to make promises not able to be carried out. So forth an on, and on, and on… you get the picture.
What blows me away is the division in our own country.

Where running for electoral office Is like playing on elementary school yard. You know what? Elementary school can’t touch this, it is felt all over the angst and fragility that has caused the divide. Here’s how it goes…..one candidate gets dirty information to discredit the others candidates whispering secrets to each other about what the other may have done, what kind of dirt they can find on the other candidate.
Basically they sling shit at each other….. aren’t we supposed to be civilized? No. we never were.

We are barbaric, wonder how many furs the First Lady owns…. hmmmm Anyhoo…

We chose to believe we were. Look around at the unrest and protest and it’s clear we are taking steps back, and have chosen an atrocious president(God be With Us).
So as I lay in bed half the day again since the election. Why? Depression. My illness. Looking at all of this division and unrest provokes my bipolar. Lately I am just mostly depressed. Oh you wouldn’t know it if you saw me in public, but you would know it if I could join in on the protest. I live in a semi enlightened area where flashing your rebel flag is seen often, a symbol of hate in my opinion. So if I protested I might get run over. Scarier still is my son is half black, each day he goes to a predominately white school where he has to hear more bullshit about how great Trump will be for president. Thank God he has a few teachers who agree with his opinion. His opinion? He wanted Hillary. He watched debates he understands disablement and racism. I rarely discussed who I wanted to win with him of the less of two evils. I wanted him to think for himself. He was shocked at America. He said he would protest too but he is only 13 and there are no protesters where we live.
People hating each other again, talks of taking away gay rights,

Racism is just a tad of it. Donald Trump should not be our president elect yet he is. It shows me how growth is an illusion, and that’s what makes me disillusioned. 
Where is the America Land of the Free home of the brave including free speech and the right to protest ? I’ll tell you. Divided that’s where America is. What a shame. People judge, I judge. Everyone wants to be heard. We are caught in the gravity of this situation, as it sucks us ALL in.
A man that makes fun of disabled people. Who files bankruptcy for his advantage to just start anew and pass yet more debt onto the banks and judicial system….pushing the buck. …Hey by the way what does happen with all those right offs? Who eventually pays for large fuck ups like Trump who has filed bankruptcy numerous times over the last 3 decades over failed endeavors. Oh God will America be his next failed endeavor?

We now have model for a First Lady …. how will our young women feel when they can’t attain the status quo of outer beauty? After all first Lady’s are seen as a role model not an actual model for our young women. See she is just arm Candy for Trump.How will she set a tone for our up and coming professional women….. um that isn’t gonna happen under Trumps rain. Because this First Lady doesn’t have what it takes other than her looks.
So to conclude………………..

In my opinion…. and everyone has one just like an

Asshole… brace yourself we are under Trump regime.
May God be with us as a Godless man takes rule.

One thought on “ ~So we accept the Presidential outcome, for now……..~

  1. It finally kicked in…the bit about Trump being elected. It set off my depression, too. I’m scared to death about the outcome for people like me with mental and side effect physical illness. Our governor here in Florida is one of the ones who chose NOT to expand Medicaid and take federal money,

    Instead, he got all his buddies together and privatized it. Choice is gone. If your pharmacist is out of network, too bad. You must go to Walgreens or Walmart, depending. Our governor has been embroiled in three medical scandals and yet people think he’s a guru when it comes to health. Oh, yea, his name is Rick Scott.

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