~The Art of Giving and Receiving~NJM~

It’s very simple you see……. You give me what I want, I’ll give you what you want, and we can be happy. Otherwise you Will never have me again never~Chose don’t ride the fence, otherwise piss off~

Biggest problem you have now is figuring out what I want. See my wants have changed. Do I want you to just be my friend? Do I just want  you to represent and acknowledge knowing that you met your match? Or do I want you as mine? Perhaps I want you to stop creeping all over  the net in disguise as usual and bugger off for good. You’re uber smart or at least you were, times change…..figure it out, I think you’re starting to.~NJM~

生病的都是你造成的伤害的痛苦修好了 !最大的方法就是去永远离去 !

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