What is the Minimum You Want From Yourself?

To percieve the beauty inside and around me.

To want to grow old, and stop wanting to die young, I romance death often. It’s a control thing. I’m to young to be old, and to old to be young, hinged between these two areas cause extreme conflict within an eternal teen.

To realize it’s ok. I’m ok. As screwed up as my life was, is, and could be, it’s ok. This ties into the death wish thingy.

To attain the true love outside of myself through another person, a kindred, soul mate, partner in crime, someone to kill time with.

Keep God in the center, and let God walk with me around the corners and edges~

2 thoughts on “What is the Minimum You Want From Yourself?

  1. Age happens minute by minute. A minute goes by unnoticed. My mother lived to a goodly age, her life was not always so easy with the sunshine we have to take the rain, it takes both to grow a rose. True love outside of ourselves, maybe that means accepting another person as a rose with the odd thorn, to allow ourself to be vulnerable .. My mum at 80 plus said, and increasingly I know what she meant.. “My body is old! but inside I am the. Child I always was” Children need time .. Time to play, time to learn… God? Well God is the Father who teaches us how to play the eternal game of life, posted with blessings for your day.


    • Thank you for your kind words. As long as the Rose with the odd thorn is my kismet I have no issue with that. Pain? Well I’ve has enough pain.

      I want to be open to receive what is the truest of true loves, and that they will love me,flaws and all. They will love me. Because they see the beauty of me when I can’t see it, and mostly because they know I’m a work in process.


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