~My E-Book~ Coming soon~

Hello all my followers, I am currently piecing together and writing a literary book filled with post and poetry some you have read and some you have not. I will hope to be finished by July.

Then onto my Thriller. Something tells me one day I’ll wake up and just write it out in a few days….. I just get stuck on this thriller since it is based primarily on events that occurred in my life. Excepts are here on the blog giving small details.

I want to thank you all for your time and inspiration.

Please look forward to my e book

It will be sold for a very modest price of 2.99.

It’s my first step to my full dream. We all must start somewhere.

Special thanks to Amy, my Editor.

Also I wanted to add, it is not to hard to publish an e book it’s rather easy as long as you have an editor that knows writing well. So go give it a try yourself! If I can do it do can you!


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