What an intertwined word the meaning
Mostly lost and truly ever heard~
It’s the coming together of two separate parts to share with each other their plans, their hearts~
Each singular entity has its own goal
It’s the bringing together that makes the two whole~
It’s walking down the street or simply changing a lane but the biggest part one must not forget is it is not a game~
Effort is the element needed to make relationships strong to run the great run to last so so long~
Often one loses sight and forgets what’s the purpose, two worlds collided destined to be, but often all is lost because one cannot see~
Comfort zones found, lacking cohesion, this is often why two hearts part for some unknown reason~
Although fingers will point and blame surely sought, but time and again relations part~
Yes relationships can often be salvaged some even cycle full circle and turn into marriage~
The truth I convey in this whimsical rhyme is relationships are fragile take effort take time~NJM~

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