~Fragility of Life~

A heart beating

Soul craving
A longing not yet known
A urge in all humans to not be alone~
It’s the rain on the roof in a strong summer storm
The walls we build up
To stay self preserved but not for long~
Life and the essence
Perpetual glow
Inner peace deep inside
Often we know~
The blindness unrecognized looking away
Rather not hurt
See what we want
Hear as we chose
Never wanting lose ~
Eventually it crumbles some unfortunate event
Tired not alert, completely spent~
Death, sweet death visits us all
Why are we shocked dismayed, fall? It happens to all, to all~
As surely you were born, open your eyes to see what is you will no longer be eventually~
Death does come closer so close everyday, so it’s living each moment to the fullest we pray~
“Fear” that element griping most all
We will all turn to dust we will crumble we will fall~
You can’t plan for sure what day that will be, but accepting this truth helps us….and you see, to be….. At peace in a subtle way just living forgetting about that dying day~
Fragility, beauty the delicate star shooting so high will fall oh so far
Burning out
Leaving a mark or so some hope……
Super nova’s are we bright surreal
But there comes a day you no longer will truly feel~
Pieces of ashes crumbles of rock flying around falling like the stars straight to the ground … Off into space, some place still unknown yet to us~
From ashes to ashes from dust to dust~

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