~Side Effects~


Colors outside the lines


This particular emotion is completely lacking…..

Lacking cohesive qualities

It’s unravelling

And the edges keep getting stuck in the door

At its most severe case it’s completely unsettling…..

And it’s weakest

Subtle anxiety

Dry mouth

Like sand mixed with cotton


Clinical white

In this sterile environment

I’ll await my next dosage

Hands heavy laden

Cracked around the edges

Layered with side effects~

Not for Reproduction~

12 thoughts on “~Side Effects~

  1. I wonder how you can inspire a friend to seek help? My best friend doesn’t want to try meds, still she suffers a lot of being bipolar. It destroys her relationships and she is suffering. But she refuses to seek help. She says she is used to live with the problems and that I have to respect her desicion not to seek help. Still as a friend I feel helpless to see her in this shape.

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      • Thank you so much for your reply. Yes I try to think like that. Still I feel frustrated, because she refuses help, because she tried once and then gaved up and it’s just hard to watch her. And like you say, in the more manic phas she can say really hurtful things and she hates that afterwards, but still she says that she never is going to go to a doctor. . She has those raoid cycling, so she doesnät want to plan anything because she never knows in what mood she will be in and she doesn’t want to mess things up. Well, I have to find a way to accept her decision.

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      • Yes it is. And when I tell her that I really want her to seek help, she cut the contact with me. I guess this is life. I honor you for spreading knowledge about ipolar disorder and I wish you the best of luck.

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  2. I can relate, my medication makes me feel the same way. I have been on lamictal for going on a year almost (100mg three times a day) and it impacts my mood in a sedative way. I am also on Gabapentine to help level my mood out. (Hi I’m Gracia by the way) lol

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  3. also im am having a depressive episode again I could feel it coming on and iv been on the tablets since april is it normal to still have episodes ? I gather the tablets don’t make it stop ? im on 200 mg at the mo he said hel increase every few weeks as needed.

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