~You Broke My Heart~

Living this way

The heaviness
Your rejection
Sliced away defense
Tears flow daily
How long
This pain
My Lost Love, My Ghost
I live in the shadows with you
I leave my head hung low
I realized you will never know
How much you broke my heart~
Not for reproduction~

20 thoughts on “~You Broke My Heart~

  1. what about the med side effects? Did you gain? Do you still feel that emotional pain? Will you read my work? I’m a low level free blogger for bipolar magazine, bphope.com, to be more precise. If you know anyone struggling with this bipolar med weight gain issue, this story will help them,. part of a series, with more to come. The first part of it starts in your head. The clothes are just symbolic.
    Bphope Three Sizes of Clothes Facebook

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    • I also have many issue due to the drugs I take to stabilize. I have High blood pressure I wear a c-pap for sleep apnea I have checked out your page.My dream is to stand up and fight for the stigma to broken. In society we have accepted all except those like us. We have gay rights now, at one time up until the 70’s being gay was considered mentally ill. they removed it form the DSMV in the 70’s I dream of writing a book, I have one hellavu story to tell….

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