~Please Read if Bipolar and comment if you feel this way, Please~

Am I a poetic tragedy in living form Fumbling around this earth

I’d rather be dead than be a cliche or martyr

Self deprecating is getting worn thin

Problem no courage no action taken

To exit

But instead I live on a roller coaster 

For all the faith and love in the world can’t console me

Yet I know love exist for some 

Enough to sustain

God watches me

But intervention upon Gods part

Is tricky and random

Consistency is needed

Daily lacking

Am I alone?

Isolated by illness

Lacking the love necessary 

I’m sorry I’d just rather die~

8 thoughts on “~Please Read if Bipolar and comment if you feel this way, Please~

  1. I’ve never been “officially” diagnosed as bi-polar, but there are things that have made me wonder and I do have family members that have been diagnosed. It’s something I remain aware and pay attention to, so I can get help, if needed. But when I feel low, I feel so low that I can’t imagine being happy again. It’s a dark place and it feels impossible to be able to share how I feel during those times. Coming on WP and discussing it has helped tremendously, and I have been open to ideas to try and change things…

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      • I’m probably not the best person to tell you what to do, but there’s one thing that I know. You’ll eventually find a way out, and everything is very temporary, so it’s bound to get better. Take care.

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