Wagging tongues slippery truth
Blah blah

What did you say

Oh I see it’s gossip again

Smile in your face

You’re my best friend

Lol right

Not when out of sight

Tongues wagging

Slippery truth

Claiming the innocence

Of your truth

Me oh my how we lie

Talk all for naught

Don’t come to me and try to speak

Your mind your words are too damn weak…

Women oh Woman

When shall we learn

Stop wagging your tongues

Speaking such things cause

A mess

Oh my dear is that a new dress?

It’s fabulous, not really

So why not speak truth

Oh the slippery truth

Like a well worn ornament

Purchased at a five and dime

It’s never stopped gossip at any time

Fickle ass creature women we are

Think we so perfect a bright shining star

Then you wag your damn tongue

With slippery truth

Hurry have you heard?

She lost her mind!

A mental break

Oh it’s nothing I’m sure

She will be fine

Oh wait did you say what I think

I’m gonna say this in the nicest way I know….

You don’t know nice

Ignorant fool

Take your belligerent ass back to school

While you are there learn your manners and finesse

By the way I truly do like that dress….. Or …Maybe it could be a bit shorter

Or perhaps it would look better on me, Oh shut up woman can’t you damn well see?

Stop wagging that tongue on slippery truth~

It so uncouth~

Unbecoming you see~

Keep your gossip away from me~

I long only to feel free~

From shackles Gossip creates~

The ugly words that inspires hate~

Bullshit of all kind~

Stirring the pot~

Fucking the mind~

Damn why are humans so unkind~

Always hard to reach to strive Be alone and truly survive the slander and crap we all live with each day, only seems more women are this way… why? what is your thoughts, what would you say?

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