~Never Ask~NJM~READ~

I recently had two people I had the means to help.

In the midst of help, disagreements came up. Both people said this to me “I never Asked You to Help”……


Well I consider myself a non traditional Christian. If I see a need, and know I can be of help, I offer. Now both accepted my help. Now when things didn’t go in the direction they felt it should I recieved that above statement.

What so ever you do to the least of my brothers/Sisters that shall be done unto you. Mathew 25:40

Both situations were exactly like situations I’ve encountered in my life.

With that I leave you with a thought. And a quote I think fits well.

“Never Ask for What should Be Offered”

You know what should and shouldn’t be offered.

Always offer help if you can, and love. That simple.

Sorry you never asked, sorry that’s your view.

God Speed, Good Luck to you.


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