Recently my twitter account’s were hacked causing a great deal of pain and a mess in regard to my mental state of mind, as well as the custody of my son. My son is a type 1 diabetic and has Aspergers. I recently had left a very abusive relationship.The man who abused me and my son was given temporary custody of my son due to twitter statements. I repeat again due to social media that my son was taken from me. That alone is nuts.

The police that did this is also the very police that have done this before. This police department has come under fire recently due to their involvement in the KKK, yes thats right the KKK. My son is half black, I am creole.

Back in April of this year the person whom I was with hacked into my twitter obtaining my direct messages to a few friends that he believed I was in some romantic relationship with. Mr. Raley did this on 3 separate occasions.

If anyone knows of litigation that could aide in my quest for justice in regard to this situation to please leave information in the comment area of this post.

I ask anyone who believes in God and prays to please keep me lifted up in prayer and pray for the safe release of my son to be once again in the arms of the mother who loves him and has walked through hell to be with.

Thank you to all who support my efforts as well as my being open to discuss my illness and to be an advocate in regard to mental illness in society today, the discrimination we face as well as the stigma.

once again, thank you.

God Bless.

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