Destroy the Destroyer


Check out his blog great work!

This Art I write that no one reads,

it’s Lucid

it can’t be any clearer

Wake up,

destroy your destroyer

right there in the mirror
Seems we fear the

when in fact

the best is true

Come on wake up

it’s 9:22

in the am

in this new life you want

My Art is free

it can tease




or it can


and haunt
Destroy your destroyer

Stand up for your rights

Lonely gets lonelier

when you add up all these nights
you spend alone

on your phone

taking pictures

sending texts

Baby I know you better than you know yourself

it’s all tied back into sex
Tied back to childhood

tied back to who you are

destroy that demon won’t you

finally become the shining star
God had intended,

God had planned for you to be

The Mirror is my ART




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