~So I drank red tree ants~

figured I share this since today has been a crying fest..

But that crying fest is because I miss my son very much. However the event I’m About to share turned the crying fest around when I realized that I drank ants.

No silly not on purpose.. Remember on
One of my recent post how I am addicted to this Ceylon imported peace tea.

Well I was going to take a med I needed.. And I was in the car after going run a few task.

I took my warm over night tea inside and took my pill, however I felt a bit more than my pill going down. I remember I have issues with frickin ants in my car..

It hit me, I poured what was left of my tea into a bowl and low and behold at least 20 ants came out of the can of tea..Yummy right?

Not really. Moral of my story, if you have ant problems in your car best not leave it over night, then decide to drink the rest.
Never know what’s creeping in the drink.

For me it was red tree aunts. Since I have a hard time eating lately suppose that will be my protein for the day.

Thank you for letting me share this, hope it elicits a laugh God knows I needed one.l

Peace tea and Ants… Yeah!


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