~Polluted Mind~

And so it was, this day
Unlike the other, I wake to find

The fowl stench of my mind
Stale and putrid

This place is familiar
A swamp of murky water

Thoughts are draped like Spanish moss suffocating an Oak tree

It Takes hold clutching my thriving soul
Pulling me , pressing

Sinking further, downward
Spiraling awkwardly

Acutely aware of my condition
But gambling with my life
I throw the dice

Lacking all conviction
Unable to achieve the desired outcome

I will awake between this world
Hinged on each realm
by only one dimension

It’s cold, veiny hand
Will caress my brow

While quietly I resign
Only to awaken yet again
To this polluted state of mind.

33 thoughts on “~Polluted Mind~

  1. Hi love, I know exactly how you feel when you say you have a polluted mind. I have one too because of depression, PTSD, Misophonia, social anxiety and ED and honestly it sucks, but it makes me so glad to know that I’m not alone when I read wonderfully written posts such as this. Hang in there, Love xx

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  2. that was really good work. I hope you are remaining treatment consistent if in treatment, it’s helped me. Will you read my work? You just sounded like you were making some sort of gambles in the poem. My story (and I’m just low level free blogger for bipolar magazine) was published today.I dream of having a column and smart from being rejected for vlogs after sending requested clips. So the struggling writer part? Gotcha. Does writing make you feel better at least? It’s beautiful.
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    • It is the writing that reflects my true unorthodox oxymoron views, or as you call them abstract. I am on all meds. Serquel is the only med along with Lamictal and Clonopin that help me. I am trying to get a lap band to help with the weight. I have metabolic x due to serquel. Please contact me at nicolemoncada@gmail.com

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