Abuse … Leave updated.

Below is a post from 2014 it needs and update.it is a police record of him hitting me that night his mug shot.

When they came they took my 6 year olds account of what happened the very son he tries to keep me from and my son said I saw him hit my Mom.

This man is crazy and makes those around him crazy.

He is a bully a tyrant a bold in your face lair who Wrote a later stating he was 80% wrong then retracts it back and retracted moments he apologized and wrote that he was 80% wrong!

Below is a post from 4 yrs ago it is a reminder that liars and abusers get away and are not held accountable for their actions.

He Lies try to use my disability against me! Oh the crazy he has tried since then.

When they took him to jail that night he talked his way out and provoked me as he always trie and uses illness.

LISTEN if HE HITS YOU, if He belittles you, provokes you, try to make you do things you don’t want, putting you down, that is abuse leave! Don’t sit around for 20 years in a wishful fantasy that WILL NOT COME THROUGH!

Get up take back your power lock and load.

Be mindful pay attention and leave now especially if you suffer mental illness.

They use your illness against you!

Turn it around make sure to be open to others to break stigma and abuse I’ve long suffered.

Make those who hurt you accountable especially when children are involved.

Thank you for listening

Below is the post from 4 years ago.

My Lawyer and I are going to go to the beginning in this fight for custody, it all began on June 29th 2010 after he was arrested for hitting me. He came out of jail and lied about me contacting him and had me thrown in jail for violation of injunction, which I posted earlier about my run in’s with Lake County and Fruitland Park Police. Basically I was forced to marry this psycho in order to see and be around my son. He used my mental disability against me, here are some of the many excerpts of his indiscretions. Time to see the truth.

This was from the arrest which is the catalyst to the present events.This is His arrest for battery strike. He later lied and said I contacted him,He then contacted the corrupt police here where I live and like now he lied and had me baker acted. I have much more to share beyond this so stay tuned this is only the beginning.

In fact I have much more, but since my Iphone was stolen along with my credit cards while I was baker acted its hard to navigate this process since I am using different methods to post. I have the police report of his baker act in May on the 17th when he tried to commit suicide. I also have the 911 call made on August the 12th. My lawyer and I listened to it today, very interesting indeed. Stay tuned.

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