~To My Dad

To my loving Dad Nicholas John Moncada 12-15-31 to -1-1-2003 Love my Dad~ Greatest man I’ve ever known~ probably the only reason I truly understand love. That man loved me no matter what I did, he stood behind me through so much, and always always believed in me~ before he died he said “honey we wanted you to be a boy, but I thank God above your were a girl .
So glad you turned out to be a girl”

You live on, in me, and my son I named after you.. Last name and all~Nicholas Moncada !
You are greatly missed~


2 thoughts on “~To My Dad

  1. Wonderful post. It’s very much liked to read this. It’s a special relation you had with your father you describe in this tribute…something that never ends, even not after death.

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  2. I never had a great relationship with my Dad but I am so glad I got the chance to say goodbye before he died. Had my BiPolar been diagnosed back then I think things would have been different. And there is the possibility that he was also BiPolar and had gone his entire life undiagnosed. Fortunately, since being properly medicated on antipsychotic medication I have had the opportunity to reconcile with my mother.

    What a lovely trtibute toyour Father to name your son after him.I have never had children and never wanted them, so no legacy for Owen, my Father.


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