~A State of Panic?~

So here we are, watching Irma make her path straight through Florida as I predicted along with many others.

I’m creole born on the bayous and marsh lands of Louisiana. I’ve have been through many. I am a Katrina transplant actually. Funny how we get so complacent.

When I arrived here in Florida from Mississippi I was determined to be ready for Katrina sister or brother.

I bought a generator. Filled gallon jugs froze them full of water in the newly bought deep freeze. I was ready.

Years go by, central Florida seemed to never really feel any other storms in the last 12 years.

So slowly through life, you know the ~Shit Happens~ I sold all supplies.

Here I am now Nature coast of Florida about 35 miles north of New Port Ricky which is only 15 miles from Clearwater.

Am I in a state of panic? No. I felt this storm. I knew it was powerful. It was affecting my health in many ways. I am as prepared as I can be for someone sticking it out with her son.

My Son is a type 1 diabetic insulin dependent young man who has worn and insulin pump for 10 years.

I have lots of supplies I bought early I could just feel it. However I’m not God. So to all who read this from Florida stay safe or calm don’t panic. PRAY. Go meet your neighbors if you haven’t and you are both staying you may need each other’s help.

This is not a panic no this is pains. A state of pain in my ass. This storm affects us all remember everyone not just Florida But All Of Us.

Signing off.

God speed.

Stay safe.


Oh one more thing, let’s not forget that there are two more hurricanes out there with Irma…..

One thought on “~A State of Panic?~

  1. Fellow Floridian here, I’m in central florida….Irma has shifted so many times I am dizzy and have a headache. I’ve been in Florida my whole life, all 30 years of it so I’ve been through it all. Hurricane names such as Andrew, Floyd, Charles, Frances, Jeanne, Matthew all resonate with me every hurricane season. Stay safe

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