Beauty beseech far to reachOh the darkness clouds thy eyes~Doth thy will attain thy strength
Although thy spirit invisible?And doth thy plight sustain~
Or does all these feelings slowly drain?
Take hold thy grasp yet weak

Thy voice a whisper speak~
Angst, frailty, melancholy felt

Yet not thy hope near? Instead always chasing way fear?
Thy broken wings yet mend

Ah…breath does make thy chest heave~lying there … You grieve~
Thy tears flow, thy sadness grow

Tossing this life to, fro….. All this while not a soul know?
Yet quiet all this time, harbor thy pain

Ah yes…. this feeling doth slowly drain~
Down pouring of sorrows rain

tears, from years, from fears

Must thy life stride in vain?
Awake… Awake…. Awake!
Grab hold, steadfast…. Break this sadness pray tell at last~
You are the one when this day done

Must live With, contrite, alone?

Contrary there such…

Strive mere mortal, of thy flesh and bone, but remember thy not alone…
~No these struggles many face~

Magnitudes hath filled this space

Far to many visit this place

But Remember thy not alone~
Mere mortal of flesh and bone

Remember I say yet again thy not alone… Thy not alone~
Not For Reproduction~NJM~

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