I am the painter of my life

But the sculptor has the say

The one that reminds me

Each and everyday~

Pray….. know that your words are you, as I am the word too

As are you.

Want to live forever my child

Want to be free again…..wings again run wild?

You will move on from this ethereal area…

This realm of this world 🌎

Dimensions vast but the one thing on this Earth that will last

Immortalize you your bloodline

WORDS write put in plain sight

Take your words paint your life

Let me mold you, refine with fire 🔥

A love so real, that burning desire

Deep in your belly with steel down your back …….your a wild young hybrid full of these words, you spin and you weave……

But dear Angel your words live forever long after you leave


~Finally~Legends can be Made~tweet tweet~lol~

Every Penny Every Dime Every Nickel My Angel’s left behind to remind me…… ~In God We Trust~

So without further Ado ……………. my recent tweet~

2 separate cases but will go full circle~

First a big shout out to #God then to both my Attorneys #LarryCartelli and #Craig…no last name to the public on him..he represents in a level as Larry. As I pledged to my father in heaven, as well as my father on earth before he died, my Moncada bloodline will never want again~

Typo’s fixed…Totally revised~I Want….You~ yeah You…

I want short distance to close love,spontaneous outburst of affection not planned touches or moments..fast reflex and stealth like a cat, like me~ Flexibility both internally and externally (you will need it) truth always truth, I hate lies…crazy mad love that somehow makes sense, the kind legend s are made of (smile):))…level headed? Plz love is crazy beautiful wild free, no level headed well thought,it will be, Everything is Fine…I ask the Lord for Devine reward… oh yeah I want thunder under sheets flesh storms that make the sheets fall to the floor both needing more…Devine strength well mastered,Change it’s time for change and it’s coming as long as it reveals beauty and it will….to stop crying and laugh more, I want long walks along the beach from our beach home.$$$$Money lots of it…to share, invest, grow it, leave financial burdens behind forever, I want to be kind even when others are careless with words and emotional harm, learn to not take it personal, it’s really about them not me.

I want to see what God wants for me, I want to align with God’s will and plans, I want to stand straight and strong next to my future companion/Husband learn to still be humble but I can still feel pride inside,help me God to not hate and make me good God make me good~


A prayer of hope, love, desire despair~ update

Say this prayer and mean each word you say. Love will come to you. It has for me.
Lord forgive me
I have to say

I never imagined life this way

One person can enter

Into a life

Makes you want to live

To give

To share and be free

Never ever again

Having to be lonely

This cross I bare

It’s becoming to much

I seem to feel so out of touch

I only want to believe

That someone will find me love me

And never leave

So this poker game has to end

I lay down my cards now

I have to fold

This old heart is getting old

I don’t know what will be

But I ask you let my soul mate find me

By the power of three

Let it be~

~Take Me Now~I’m Yours~

As dusk approaches

Our lips touch briefly 

Jumping up I run

Waiting for you to chase me

Through this field of green

Sun glistening off distant oak trees leaves

The fall breeze

Flows around 

Find me

Tackle me

To the ground 

Kiss me again

Harder more forceful 

Bring me closer

As your hands flow

Over my curves

Taste me

I give in

Passions explodes

Fireworks and confetti 

Seem to……..

Paint the atmosphere

You took me down

And in your arms and heart may I

Always be found ~


~To My Dad

To my loving Dad Nicholas John Moncada 12-15-31 to -1-1-2003 Love my Dad~ Greatest man I’ve ever known~ probably the only reason I truly understand love. That man loved me no matter what I did, he stood behind me through so much, and always always believed in me~ before he died he said “honey we wanted you to be a boy, but I thank God above your were a girl .
So glad you turned out to be a girl”

You live on, in me, and my son I named after you.. Last name and all~Nicholas Moncada !
You are greatly missed~


~Jake~My Blue Eyed Muse~

I have never beheld eyes such as yours
Stunned wonderment washes over me~
How did you come about these?

Your eyes are so captivating~

So brilliantly blue~

Your eye color needs its own name …..it’s own color category~

I can liken it to blue only….. it’s the closet to your eye color~

Why? I’ve never seen so blue and clear I I want to tell you but I stop out of fear….. .~

Damn your eyes are so blue~

I’ve never saw eyes close up with this spectrum of color~

It’s the most deep beautiful~

Amazing blue to behold~

Then there is you~

What edge of age are you~

Maybe 19 maybe 20?

Don’t tell me it makes no difference~

Always young wonderment yet~

Glimmers that spark~

Be careful dear boy~

Life is filled with sharks~

I see your’re  very new~

It’s in your eyes~

It’s in the blue~

I want to get lost in those eyes~

Sadly I would ruin you~

Plus the edge of my age is not knew~

I’m a bit older than you yet I would gladly drown in your eyes of blue~

Damn your eyes are so blue~

Sorry couldn’t help but watch you~

I saw you look too~

We randomly see each other~

Speak briefly too~

Your a young man of silence~

Leaves mystery~

Our Proximity is close~

So so close~

I want to reach out~

Dare not~

Your eyes~

Unlike any other~

Perhaps one day~

For now I’ll admire~

My blue eyed child~


We work by each other~

But soon I most go, you will go too~

You’ll be forever etched in my

Mind with those eyes so blue…~