~Fat Tuesday~

Fat Tuesday is here

my Darlin Dear

Preemptive plight

Planned party

Late night

Mardi Gras is here

It’s that time of year

skies hued

yellow, purple, green aglow

The sounds clamoring

Fighting to outdo

each musical note

There we were dancing

Swaying to the beat of the

Floats the heat

Jazz music fills the streets

Down Canal street turning round to
cross over to Bourbon~

Take in each shot

Preemptively planned

Glass in hand

Other hand in yours

Flying high

beads round our neck making music

of their own

Debris in the streets

Faces smeared

Drunken flow

Dancing in flight

Cheap trinkets flying

Dashing, fighting, grinding

Preemptively planned party

Your eyes two lights flaming bright

watching your sexy arm

Light your Marlboro

Smiles and giggles

Two jokes only we are in on

Blowing your smoke out

Between your sexy lips

I get close and kiss your lips

Playfully biting the lower one

Endless fun

Pass that joint don’t bogard

It’s high time for all

It’s this night we aim to please

Preemptively planned plight

Gonna party all damn night

Then some more

On each street corner

Stands a whore

Sodom and Gomorrah

What a life Darlin what sight

Pulling you closer

Let this night never be over never be done~

The entire world is watching

All the court jesters

All the clowns

All the kings and queens on floats wearing their crown~

Hey that’s a decent poison

Crown Royal over rocks

Splash of water barkeep please

Don’t be stingy now pour long don’t tease~

Walking don’t dare run

And then it fades

Leaving, lingering

Till next year we preemptively plan again for this night~

Fat Tuesday Darlin Dear

I hear you whisper in my ear

As we float high above the rest

Preemptive plight party all night

Fat Tuesday

Madri Gras

We will do it again and again

Mardi Gras never ends~

Not for reproduction


~Ice Queen~I think this one~

I am the ice queen born on the 1st Perhaps that’s what makes me mean, makes me one of the worst. I didn’t realize I wore the crown

I didn’t look in the mirror didn’t see my frown, all I could see is my eyes dimly lit near death. I hated so that the ice queen was me, I hurt so much didn’t like whatj I see.

I used to have a warm caring heart but the stench, pain, decay, and state of this world tore and ripped it apart.

It used people, places, things and severed my mind.

Making what’s truthful and real so hard to find.

This ice isn’t melting, in fact it gets bigger every day.

I’m starting to think this  ice queen won’t ever melt away.

~Tongues’ of Fire~

The power of love A force from above

Cleaning my soul

Flame on burn desire

Love with tongues of fire

Purge the soul

Make love our goal

The power of love

We walked the isle

Prisms of light

Angelic smile

A King

A Queen

Long ago


Once below

Now above

A sky-scraping dove

Incarnated in flight

A fleet of kneeling knight

I’ve searched the castle

Looking for you


Flame on, burn desire

Love With tonges of


Come to Me

Prism of light

Ceilings of gold

History of us always be told

Come to me my sweetest friend

Can you feel my heart again

I’ll take you back where you belong

And this will be our favorite song

Prisms of light

Coronations plight

I put up no fight

Two lands join as one

Our life had just begun

Ceilings so high

I feel you draw nigh

From beyond long ago

I’m always stepping fast

You’re never far behind

This heavenly past

How this cosmic dance Devine

Can make time so unkind

Come to me with secrets bare

I love you more so don’t be scared

And when we’re old and near the end

Well go home and start again

With the power of love

A force from above

Crowns of gold

Our story so old

Lifetimes come each century

Can it capture yet again what was you & me
Flames of desire

Love with Tongues set a fire

Come near to me my love

Purge our soul

Make love our goal

The power of love sets

Eternally my love

Each lifetime fades it fast

Make our love of long last

Purge each lifetimes soul Make love our goal

Flames of desire

Set tongues of fire

Come to me best friend

Come sing our song again

May we never end

Lifetimes reign

one day again lay claim

Long may we Reign

Passionate desire

Set tongues of fire

Eternal flame

Loves other name

Play the chess game

Checkmate Sire

Flame on burn desire

Love with tongues of fire~

Not for Reproduction 


~A King’s Desire~

A swiftness to your speech

Proclivity to your touch

Behind my ear a whisper clear

I feel your need as you draw near

Hot breath behind my neck

The persistence in your grasp

You unarm me by slow movement; poignant sly

Cunning sensuous

Am I meant for this?

To be for you

In waking life in dream too

I bow beneath your weight

As you vigorously guide the lead

I am feeling as though I’m your prized steed

Riding through this lust slow yet posthaste

I forgot just how you love this place between the peaks and valleys down below

You know I am the only one to fully fill your need

Allowing you to take me there upon my soul you feed

I give you freely what you covet most

Think me more than a sexual host

An equal is what I am you see, I’m vivacious tenacious and quick on my move I’ll spin you around crawl your walls

Take you down

As kings and queens both wear a crown