~I’ll Always be~Mystery….My words…I did not put this here~

I’ll always be wanting the unrequited love~

I’ll always be the piece that don’t fit~

I’ll always be looking for that character defect to see, if it exist in you then it also exist in me~

I’ll always hurry with no place to rest~

I’ll always be able to run with the best~

I’ll always be watching, looking. But I will not settle.

Perhaps my soul is turning into metal. Heart made of steal, maybe baby I’m to damn real.

I’ll always will believe there is a God~

I’ll always have illness of the mind this makes it hard to find my kind~

I’ll always fall into dick sand if I’m not watchful of intent. Where the hell this one went~

I’ll always try to discipline my self in ways many won’t understand~

I’ll remain celibate and untouched even by me till I find that man~

I’ll buy a beach shack if he never shows up, pour my coffee in my cup work on my Novels and be married to Neptune king of the sea, on the shoreline walking that’s where I’ll always be~