DAD~Happy Father’s Day Dad~belated… better late than Never… miss you and Mom~

I miss you so deeply~

I miss you so much~

The comfort of your Arms When I felt out of touch~

You Wanted a boy to carry our Name~

I Had your Grandson exactly 9 months after you died on my birthday~

My Birthday is New Years~

Wake up Call~

Read the signs, I am not the traditional kind~

So I gave Him Your Name~

Nicholas John Moncada the 5th I was the 4th~born in the south not in the north~

Your Daughter Nicole June Moncada the 1st~also the 4th…. 4 seems to resonate as my Angel number and lucky number good things come in four is what I say….I take that belief with me all along life’s way…. North,East,South,West…. I like the south the best…. in fact Dad I’m gonna take Nick, my new Husband and me and live in the land down under over by the sea or is it the ocean…. so full of emotion…. I can feel that smile….. I made…. your very proud wish I could hear you speak it out loud….. wait I hear the echo of the past, I figured this out at long last……. you were glad I was a girl although you wanted a boy….. you were glad I was a girl they thought I was a boy…but you were so happy you said on your death bed….. couldn’t have asked for a braver stronger woman I can call my precious daughter…. I can hear that echo from the past it’s happening Dad finally at long last…. took half my life right go figure

I miss you so much words can’t express~

How my life became a mess~

But It’s On Track Now~

I still Think Nick is you Reincarnated~but I’m not the expert…. just a messenger of light

Maybe it’s True~

He is just Like you, Loves Classics~

Here Is To You Daddy~

Happy Fathers Day~

R.I.P.  12-15-1931 to 1-1-2003~