~Hell in Your Eye’s~

Walking, Waiting
Flying through the air

Hoping, Hating

Things that I can not bear

Did you think it’s cool to walk right up, To take my life and fuck it up

Well did you?

The Angel of what was me

I can no longer see

I see hell in your eyes

Even behind your disguise

Takin in by surprise

Touching you makes me feel so alive…….

Touching you makes me die inside

Oh I’ve slept so long without you

Alone with too much pain

Elements surround you

The Earth, Water, Fire, Air

You descend upon me without a care…..

Suppressed by your power

Your charming flair

In the witching hour

You curled around me

I was yours to devour

Now chains kept upon me

Seems I’ll never leave

Taking in by surprise

I see hell in your eyes

~Jake~My Blue Eyed Muse~

I have never beheld eyes such as yours
Stunned wonderment washes over me~
How did you come about these?

Your eyes are so captivating~

So brilliantly blue~

Your eye color needs its own name …..it’s own color category~

I can liken it to blue only….. it’s the closet to your eye color~

Why? I’ve never seen so blue and clear I I want to tell you but I stop out of fear….. .~

Damn your eyes are so blue~

I’ve never saw eyes close up with this spectrum of color~

It’s the most deep beautiful~

Amazing blue to behold~

Then there is you~

What edge of age are you~

Maybe 19 maybe 20?

Don’t tell me it makes no difference~

Always young wonderment yet~

Glimmers that spark~

Be careful dear boy~

Life is filled with sharks~

I see your’re  very new~

It’s in your eyes~

It’s in the blue~

I want to get lost in those eyes~

Sadly I would ruin you~

Plus the edge of my age is not knew~

I’m a bit older than you yet I would gladly drown in your eyes of blue~

Damn your eyes are so blue~

Sorry couldn’t help but watch you~

I saw you look too~

We randomly see each other~

Speak briefly too~

Your a young man of silence~

Leaves mystery~

Our Proximity is close~

So so close~

I want to reach out~

Dare not~

Your eyes~

Unlike any other~

Perhaps one day~

For now I’ll admire~

My blue eyed child~


We work by each other~

But soon I most go, you will go too~

You’ll be forever etched in my

Mind with those eyes so blue…~