~Bipolar Thoughts~Thoughts bemused~

Eclectic mind
So random without order
Content unknown
Images flash
Strewn about thoughts
Racing fast,
Flooding my brain invading
Concepts to conceptualize
There is no pause
No stillness
To much to contemplate
Subjects subjective
Perception yet perceived
By Intent
Only to be Crystallized~

~You Make Me High~

You make me high
Better than drugs
You are my drug
My heart races
Pupils dilated
Head feels light
I soar above others
My feet not touching ground
10 feet tall
You make me so high
I need nothing else
Completely fixated
decorated with delight
A treasure
trade my world
Being in yours
I stay there
In this magnificent existence
I have no inhibitions
No doubt
Just pure
Out of control
High brought by your attention your love
Nothing I could collect or own
Makes me high
Not like you do
Let’s run off together
Soar above
Never returning
You make me high

~Side Effects~

Colors outside the lines
This particular emotion is completely lacking…..
Lacking cohesive qualities
It’s unravelling
And the edges keep getting stuck in the door
At its most severe case it’s completely unsettling…..
And it’s weakest
Subtle anxiety
Dry mouth
Like sand mixed with cotton
Clinical white
In this sterile environment
I’ll await my next dosage
Hands heavy laden
Cracked around the edges
Layered with side effects