~Jake~My Blue Eyed Muse~

I have never beheld eyes such as yours
Stunned wonderment washes over me~
How did you come about these?

Your eyes are so captivating~

So brilliantly blue~

Your eye color needs its own name …..it’s own color category~

I can liken it to blue only….. it’s the closet to your eye color~

Why? I’ve never seen so blue and clear I I want to tell you but I stop out of fear….. .~

Damn your eyes are so blue~

I’ve never saw eyes close up with this spectrum of color~

It’s the most deep beautiful~

Amazing blue to behold~

Then there is you~

What edge of age are you~

Maybe 19 maybe 20?

Don’t tell me it makes no difference~

Always young wonderment yet~

Glimmers that spark~

Be careful dear boy~

Life is filled with sharks~

I see your’re  very new~

It’s in your eyes~

It’s in the blue~

I want to get lost in those eyes~

Sadly I would ruin you~

Plus the edge of my age is not knew~

I’m a bit older than you yet I would gladly drown in your eyes of blue~

Damn your eyes are so blue~

Sorry couldn’t help but watch you~

I saw you look too~

We randomly see each other~

Speak briefly too~

Your a young man of silence~

Leaves mystery~

Our Proximity is close~

So so close~

I want to reach out~

Dare not~

Your eyes~

Unlike any other~

Perhaps one day~

For now I’ll admire~

My blue eyed child~


We work by each other~

But soon I most go, you will go too~

You’ll be forever etched in my

Mind with those eyes so blue…~