~Do you Understand Freedom?

This moment transparent

Left empty without
World is mad
Fast faster
Lights blurred by speed
Minutes tick tock
Pace of the clock
Can’t keep up
Burning bright star struck 
Retracting to pin point
Super nova
Creating more chaos
Born in the middle
Escape is not an option
On the edge of each paradigm 
Trying the edge of difference
Trapped in ignorance
Ability of beauty
Beauty captured by few
Few can capture
The moment
Chaotic beauty of clarity
Bowing out 
Off stage
Fast faster on we rage 
The world our cage
Freedom found only in loss
Nothing to lose
That moment 
Beautiful naked free


~I Could Have~

I could stay here unmoved paralyzed
Caught between two places three faces
I could pray till my dying day
I could have so little or way to much to say
There are many things that could be done
Many battles to be won
But I always seem to surrender when it comes down to one ….. Battle
And they know, they know. Both warned. If one checked out the other left off. It could be that way forever
It could if I let it
It could if I would
It could because mostly both my life and my thoughts are misunderstood
It could be different if I chose
It could fade away I suppose
It could be this or it could be that
It could all be a matter of fact
It should
It could
It would
If only