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Less than 1 hour I will be on ~Moments of Clarity~ with Tiffany Werhner. Tune in via web from anywhere http://www.tantalk1340.com/

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12-1 today east coast time

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~If you Missed today’s Show Moments of Clarity~I’ll be there visiting her on July 13th~See you there!

If you couldn’t catch me and Tiffany live today go here and catch podcast at momentsofclaritywithtiffany.com podcast will be saved on the web page and also on tantalk1340.com

I’ll be on again in a few weeks sometimes more.

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I look forward to the venture with Moments of Clarity with Tiffany Werhner she is amazing and we are on a mission.

~ Undeniable~

Disappearing into your gravity can’t help it,

Spinning awkwardly

You raddled my mind 

shaking my existence to the core

Yet in the place I am, I desire more

More than the justice lacking

The people slacking

Cyber hacking

Only a bleak

Shell of someone



Hanging by a thread

Still Attached to the needle

Somehow the thread won’t sever won’t let go

Yet the needle will not yield

There is no shield to protect me

Look around what do you see

I feel I’ve fallen to the ground

Your voice bleak so low in the background

I am still here still in tact 

Yet Am I a useful artifact

I love, I feel,  I have been healed

Or so it seems

Perhaps this all

Was just a dream

One I can never awake 

Maybe it is me my heart is yours to take~

~Quora Answer to What Should Be the Ultimate Goal of Every Human Being~


To conceive that the person next to you is also a human being and to treat in the same respect. In that respect alone the total consciousness of humanity would shift and vibrate into a positive frequency.

Mark 12:31
I believe Jesus said “love thy neighbor as thyself”.