‘Has Anyone Ever…~

Has anyone ever written anything for you

In all your darkest hours

Did you ever hear me sing?

Well listen to me now

You know I’d rather be alone

Than to be without you

And if that’s all

I ever give…..

In all your darkest sorrows

Did you ever give it back?

I have given that to you

If that’s all I’ll ever do

I want you to remember me~

17 thoughts on “‘Has Anyone Ever…~

  1. This is a deep poem this tugs at my heartstrings. I once wrote poerty for a man i thought i loved and he thought it was a joke and treated me so.:( havent dont it since but maybe again one day.

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  2. I havent been following you but have noticed your poetry, do you blog about bipolar or are you in a creative cycle right now? I understand the need to get your creative on when the juices are flowing. The poems bring tears to my eyes they take me to a place sacred and where I havent been in a while….💕

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