It Takes One to Know One Bishop Jay Lambert~ no occurrence that’s not new hacker~ lol 😂

I awoke and open my wordpress and it was on this post so I suppose it bares reposting.this is the time of accountability

I was recently told that an Episcopalian Bishop said I had demons on me. Hmmm…….I think we all have demons to deal with, personal ones. Including not limited to Bishop Jay Lambert. In fact usually in life when people accuse you of such, it’s because they’re reflecting there crap 💩 onto you.

I used to live across the street from him that is how I came to know him and his family. Ole Gibson and Cypress…on those corners.

I also interviewed him for a college class that needed me to contrast two religions.

Now I try …… Let me stress TRY to be what I call a non tradional Christian.

I thought awhile about the comment. It was repeated to me  from a person trying to make a mends to me.

Then I remembered all the parts both the Bishop and his son have played in my life…. Not positive in anyway might I add.

In life we reflect. We all have also heard the saying “it takes one to know one”.

This is a true statement so

You too have demons on you, as do we all. Probably touched William when he was young, sexually for all I know… you strike me as someone who could sexually abuse their child, just my thoughts…..

I’m still floored that a man of the cloth a Bishop would speak such.

There is no love in that statement only judgement,disdain and entitlement, makes sense why your son is how he is.

So Bishop L)&)@t I believe the bible states to cast not the first stone, it also says if you reject the least of my brother/sisters that I do unto you~
by rejecting me or any other human being you reject yourself.
you of all humans ought to uphold what Jesus taught”love thy neighbor as thyself. You Bishop of all should be an example of that. However YOU ARE NOT. God have mercy on your soul.

So to be clear Bishop Lambear or Lambert it’s all a French name, think you may need to face a few of your demons, as we all have them~
the confused sexuality you exude makes you inferior considering the time you were born. Your beard protects you to some degree but not to me, why you say? I see through you, & It takes one to know one, that’s how see.
laire nous roturiers n’ont pas besoin de plus jusdgement d’amd de rejet aux mains d’un usurpateur et’
ng, God didn’t speak to me in the shower as per your experience …God just speaks everywhere….
us ne pensez pas ? Oui, je crois que ça pourrait être…

Go figure.

3 thoughts on “ It Takes One to Know One Bishop Jay Lambert~ no occurrence that’s not new hacker~ lol 😂

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  2. Argh, this stuff brings back my resentment towards my ex church which turns out was mainly a great place for gay men to safely practice pedophilia. If that was the worst of their deeds, i might have stayed – might have salvaged an ounce of faith.

    But it was worse….not as if being able to trust your “fathers” with your children, brothers, friends isn’t a pillar, what’ s even more core than that – is confession of sins and the promise of forgiveness. Even the worst of us, if we just make sure we confess our sins and lay our hearts pure – come clean to god and our friendly neighborhood, dick sucking priest, all would be forgiven.

    And these vile, criminal, sexually monstrous child rapists – these fiends for little boy penis, rejected the faith in a way that is in complete contradiction to the way they asked the rest of us to follow it – they ran to Ireland, they ran to other parishes, they ran to off to start their own churches, they ran to bishops, they ran everywhere but to the alter, on their knees, confessing their sins and humbly asking “god” and parishioners who’s lives they ruined, for forgiveness.

    If anyone is in a position to know if there is a God – priests are – much much more than I. And, their behavior showed crystal clearly, that they themselves do not actually believe there is a god. They raped boys, and they said “to hell with this confession/forgiveness bullshit.”

    Because of all this, not only did a lot of us lose a religion to belong to, we lost our belief is God. And, if you ask me, that’s the worst crime possible.

    BTW, I think I saw a photo of you somewhere. You’ve got much to be happy about.

    Sorry for the rant. Stop triggering me would you?


    • No it’s ok seriously I love hearing your thoughts you can contact me beyond here if you just need a connect and know your not alone in your feelings you hear. Your perfectly as God made you, me…


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