~The Irony Of Humans~

What I am what I am not

I am a human being

I am not your possession

I am a singular Person

I am not alone in this World

I am unconditional

I not without Standards

I am a control freak

I am not always in control

I am intelligent

I am not without ignorance

I am bipolar

I am not crazy

I am open about my mental illness

I am not without stigma

I am loving

I am not without regret

I am honest

I am not without lies throughout my life

I am complex

I am not without others understanding me

I am flawed

I am not without beauty

I am accepting

I am not without judging

I am broken

I am not without healing

I am a contradiction

I am not without absolutes

I am strong

I am not without weakness

I am random

I am not without concentration

I am observant

I am not without unawareness

I am a friend

I am not without enemies

I am happy

I am not without sadness

I am a tweeter

I am not always able to express myself in 160 characters or less

I am blogger

I am not an award winning writer…..yet

I am strong in presence

I am not always seen

I am humble

I am not without pride

I am a child of God

I am not without sin

I am me

I am not you~


Not for Reproduction~

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