~I’m Here~Reach Out~

Here I am

Beside your shoulder breathing you in


I am shapeless in your existence~

Here I am

In your thoughts

Invading them you can’t reach out to me although I am right here, why?

Here I am

In your heart

Undying; living in each cell running in your blood pumping through your veins~

Here I am

What have you done? Clever are you, yet still I am here~

Here I am

You think you see me

But I’m a ghost only to you

Alive to others~

Here I am

Timeless, unshackled and wild~

Here I am

Next to you caressing your

Guilt, your wrongs, your deeds~

But you don’t feel me as you wish too

You tucked me away~

Here I am

Looking directly at you

Yet you cannot see me, blind are your eyes, those deep ocean filled eyes~

Here I am

I was there, as was you

But did either know? Was it ever truly true?

By the way is there a real you?~

Here I am dancing all around you

I am that wind, that chill that went right through you leaving you shaken and breathless, hands trembling~

Here I am

I seeped into your dream, it was beautiful~

You awoke

But I was gone~


Not for Reproduction

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