~Tongues’ of Fire~

The power of love A force from above

Cleaning my soul

Flame on burn desire

Love with tongues of fire

Purge the soul

Make love our goal 

The power of love

We walked the isle

Prisms of light

Angelic smile

A King

A Queen 

Long ago


Once below

Now above 

A sky-scraping dove

Incarnated in flight

A fleet of kneeling knight

I’ve searched the castle 

Looking for you


Flame on, burn desire

Love With tonges of 


Come to Me

Prism of light

Ceilings of gold 

History of us always be told

Come to me my sweetest friend

Can you feel my heart again 

I’ll take you back where you belong 

And this will be our favorite song

Prisms of light

Coronations plight

I put up no fight

Two lands join as one

Our life had just begun

Ceilings so high

I feel you draw nigh 

From beyond long ago 

I’m always stepping fast

You’re never far behind

This heavenly past

How this cosmic dance Devine

Can make time so unkind  

Come to me with secrets bare 

I love you more so don’t be scared 

And when we’re old and near the end

Well go home and start again

With the power of love

A force from above 

Crowns of gold

Our story so old

Lifetimes come each century

Can it capture yet again what was you & me
Flames of desire

Love with Tongues set a fire

Come near to me my love 

Purge our soul

Make love our goal

The power of love sets

Eternally my love

Each lifetime fades it fast 

Make our love of long last

Purge each lifetimes soul Make love our goal

Flames of desire

Set tongues of fire

Come to me best friend

Come sing our song again

May we never end

Lifetimes reign 

one day again lay claim 

Long may we Reign

Passionate desire

Set tongues of fire 

Eternal flame

Loves other name

Play the chess game

Checkmate Sire

Flame on burn desire

Love with tongues of fire~

Not for Reproduction 


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