William Langdon Alexander Lambert~

I’m leaving all post about you and your Dad up as a reminder of the torcherous pain, confusion, and unnecessary action for your amusement. I prayed……God said this is the way, also my book oh yeah gonna be good I’ll send you a copy signed out of the goodness of my heart. You know sometimes God uses’ others in your life for many things, I’m the instrument 🎸 God decided to use in your and your Dad’s life.

Please listen, I’m truly trying to let go. But is there someone else beyond you that knows of us? After I speak peace and say I go as you wish, I start getting strange follows from New accounts asking to snapchat and just accounts with no tweets accounts just opened.
At one time you used to do this. Now I know the 3 accounts of yours.
You keep me blocked on your main account. I don’t care any more!
You sicken me! You lied to me, you stalked me, you

Meddled in my life long enough you GO!

I am

Trying to forgive you, it’s hard because I was in love with you. 

Supppse these post are helping me heal… you want me to heal right you said so! To go on with my life.


Anyway I awake to that feeling. I have tracked the algorithm for a few months now to see if is my illness it’s not, it’s spiritual residual energy you and I share. I’ve never shared a connection like ours it is in short inexplicable ………..things I can feel and know… both a blessing and curse 
If someone knows us and is doing this please ask them to stop.
Do you realize the step of faith I’m taking. Do you understand the pain I live with?
If someone else knows they’re tormenting me. Please find them make them stop.
If it’s you, please let go…. see you like to let me go then you change your mind. Or they change it for you

I’ll be gone forever in every lifetime cause I don’t associate with cowards who are ashamed of me. No one can hold the candle to me. Not even Ronnie or Ryan Templeton. Shit I don’t know his damn name that well. You get the picture.

You know me a bit. I’ll not take this down if you don’t go!
Oh just in case you have ghetto pot dealers contacting me who reside where???? SOUTH CAROLINA, just don’t … when I feel like you have gone for good the. This comes down.

Till then go play with Ronnie or Ryan … him when he was younger

Help me help us, help…….Capici 

Today I felt calm like you’re gone, but I know things you know that… I better not have 1 more person contact me from South Carolina again or I’ll build a website about you Ryan or Ronnie dedicated just from me to y’all I have other ways with you’re Dad maybe build a web page or send the dieocse the letter he wrote to Dewitt or quote the bad things he said about me…. I’m sure the church don’t need to hear that, right, Capici

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